September 6, 2015.  Florida Supreme Court hears arguments on the Floridians for Solar Choice Amendment.  Many thanks to those of you who have signed the petition!

It didn’t happen here; it won’t happen here!  In 2014 we stopped the most arrogant and egregious insult to our paradise, but the threats remain.  We’re reorganizing Preserve Our Paradise to become an enduring membership organization that will continue to stand on the front line of environmental defense. Keep up to date!  Click What’s Happening on the right!

Welcome to Preserve Our! Preserve Our Paradise, Inc. was formed when we learned that the Dan A. Hughes Company of Beeville, Texas had applied to drill a well that presented ourtrageous threats to public safety and our natural environment.  It was positioned to potentially drill under the City of Naples main water wellfield, the future Collier County water wellfield area, the Florida Panther National Wildlife Preserve, and the residential suburb of Golden Gate Estates.

After a long battle in court and in the court of public opinion, in April of 2014 we forced the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to all-but-admit they had permitted fracking at a recent adjacent well, the “Collier-Hogan” well outside the Naples-area neighborhood of Orangetree.  With this disclosuer, public opinion turned decisively against the oil drillers.  The Collier County Commissioners voted unanimously to go to court against the oil drillers and the DEP.  

As we go forward, please donate, pledge, or volunteer to help us keep our legal and scientific teams together. Oil prices will rebound, and the drillers will be back!  In the meantime, with oil prices at ten-year lows, and the oil drillers temporarily at bay, we are focusing our efforts now on advocating for renewable energy and sole source aquifer designation to protect Florida’s water.

How to use this website.  In the course of our battle, we amassed a huge amount on information on oil drilling and “fracking” in Florida and elsewhere.  We have moved most of that information to an archival site,  

The best way to search our site online is to use Google to search preserveourparadise your search terms.  If the page you are directed to is not found, it can probably be found at